North County African American Women’s AssociatioN SCHOLARSHIPS

The North County African American Women’s Association Scholarship Program is designed to support the  educational advancement  of African American females in the community and students who have participated in an NCAAWA Mentoring programs. (Becoming A Global Citizen and/or Global Ambassadors Programs) We have awarded over $350,000 in scholarships or training to date!

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NCAAWA would like to thank the following donors for their generosity:

Lawrence A. Appley Foundation
North Island Credit Union
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Blue Shield of California


Applicant must be a female of African American descent, graduating high school senior, ROP, trade school, community college, four-year college, or adult student.

Graduate students enrolled in a degree program or certificate course of study are also eligible.

Resides or attends school in the following locations: Carlsbad, Escondido, Fallbrook, Oceanside, San Dieguito, San Marcos, Vista

 Must have C average and Community Service record

Must be enrolled with a minimum of 12 units in a college, ROP, trade, technical, or graduate school for the entering semester (Graduate students are evaluated on an individual basis).

Must submit a complete application, resume, official transcript, and two current letters of recommendation (from this school year) from teachers, ministers, employers, or community organizations.  An official transcript must be signed by the registrar to upload.

A photo must be submitted with the initial application package to be used for publicity purposes.

All required documents must be submitted at the time of deadline in order to be evaluated for consideration of an award!


Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who has completed at least one or more semesters, virtually or in person, with Becoming a Global Citizen (BGC) and/or Global Ambassadors (GA) mentoring programs. (Virtual students may live outside North County boundaries.)


NCAAWA Scholarships

North County African American Women’s Association Scholarship

This scholarship is presented to a female student of African American descent who is pursuing her educational goals through a four-year college, community college, Regional Occupation Program (ROP), trade or technical school. Graduate students enrolled in a degree program or certificate course of study are also eligible.

NCAAWA Scholarship Recipients

Agnes Diggs Scholarship

This award is given in honor of a deceased honorary member, Agnes Diggs. She was an award-winning journalist who resided in North San Diego County. One of her gifts to the community was “The Road to College” which is a guide to help students prepare to enter college. Agnes helped and inspired many students to continue with their education. This award is presented to a current scholarship applicant studying journalism, English, or an area in the communications field.

NCAAWA Scholarship Recipients

North Island Credit Union Scholarship

North Island Credit Union is specifically expanding NCAAWA’s ability to award up to four $2,500 NCAAWA/North Island Credit Union scholarships, with  consideration to be given when possible to students pursuing degrees in education.3.0 G.P.A. Eligibility requirement to apply

NCAAWA Scholarship Recipients

The Every Man Network STEAM Leader Scholarships

Special thanks to The Every Man Network for your members' ongoing support of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). This group decided to support NCAAWA as we work to provide scholarships to women and girls to fulfill their educational goals in these fields. $4,700 to date.

NCAAWA Scholarship Recipients

E. Charles Adams Scholarship

The E. Charles Adams Scholarship is a $500.00 book grant awarded annually to Oceanside High School females of African American descent attending MiraCosta College.


Blue Shield Promise Health Plan Scholarship

Blue Shield Logo

The Blue Shield Promise Health Plan Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship awarded to students pursuing degrees in the mental health, general health, and/or psychology professions.


New! NCAAWA Global Mentoring Scholarship

Who may apply? A female applicant of any ethnicity, who has completed at least one or more semesters in the Becoming A Global Citizen and/or the Global Ambassadors Mentoring Programs. The applicant must apply as a graduating high school senior and provide the dates of participation in one of the programs. 
An applicant may apply only once.

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If you'd like to get more information on scholarships, please contact us. Our scholarship application process is open from January 1, 2023 thru March 30, 2023. We are ONLY accepting online applications. Scholarship recipients must present confirmation of enrollment at a four-year college, community college, graduate school, trade/technical school, or ROP to receive their award.  Confirmation of enrollment must be received by SEPTEMBER 30, 2023.  Scholarship recipients will forfeit award if the deadline is not met. PLEASE NOTE:  Financial Awards will be mailed to awardees within 10 days of receipt of verifiable enrollment confirmation.


1. Do I need to fill out the application and submit a resume?
Yes! The application should be legible. Please do not write ‘see resume” or “see attached” on the application. A  typed application is highly recommended. Ask your counselor or support resource for computer assistance if needed.  Prior to submitting your application, check for correct spelling, complete sentences; ask someone to review it with you.

2. Do I need a transcript to apply for the NCAAWA scholarship?
An official transcript is required. You may submit your application without an official transcript, but an official transcript is required by April 30th.

3. I am still in high school.  When can I apply for a scholarship?
Area high school students should apply for the scholarship during their senior year; the year they are graduating.

4. Does NCAAWA provide scholarships for continuing education?
Yes. Submit your application each year you meet the qualifications.

5. How much money can be awarded to an applicant?
NCAAWA scholarships depend completely on our availability of funds, so we have no set amount.

6. Is the scholarship money only for school?
A check is issued payable to the student in the amount of the scholarship and may be used for school and personal expenses.  To claim the scholarship, students must submit proof of full-time enrollment (12 units).

7. What if I cannot obtain the courses needed to meet the 12 units required?
The scholarship amount is based upon a full-time load (12 units). If lesser units are taken, the award will be divided according to the equivalent number of units, i.e., 9 units, you will receive 3/4 of the award; 6 units, you will receive 1/2 the award for the semester. The remainder will be distributed in the following semester. Note: Verification from the college showing the unavailability of desired courses will be required.

8. May I apply for the scholarship more than one time?
You may apply for a scholarship as long as you are attending school, are enrolled in the required number of units, and are maintaining a “C” average.