Global Mentoring Scholarship

A female applicant of any ethnicity, who has completed at least one or more semesters in the Becoming A Global Citizen (BGC) and/or the Global Ambassadors (GA) Mentoring Programs are eligible to apply

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About this Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at young ladies who have participated in our Becoming a Global Citizen Program and/or our Global Ambassador Program. Designed only for high school seniors, this scholarship aims to give a boost to those who have taken the extra steps to learn how to make a difference in this world in a global fashion.


  • A female student of any ethnicity, who has participated and completed at least one or more sessions in either Becoming A Global Citizen (BGC) and/or Global Ambassadors (GA) Mentoring Programs.
  • Only high school seniors who completed one or more semesters Becoming a Global Citizen or Global Mentoring or both programs may apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicants must provide documentation of dates they participated in the programs.
  • Applicants must have a C average and Community Service record.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units of study.
  • Applicants applying to an ROP, trade or technical program for the entering semester, must show proof of enrollment.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application, resume, official transcript and Two Signed and Dated Letters of Recommendation from teachers, ministers, employers, community organizations, or mentors. An electronic signature is allowed and the letter must be within the last 12 months
  • Official transcript must be requested from counselor or registrar with a signature, date, and stamp, and may be uploaded with the application.
  • A photo and signed media release must be submitted with the online application.

Applying for scholarships

Our scholarship application process is open from January 1, 2024 thru March 31, 2024 11:59 pm. We are ONLY accepting online applications. Application will not be reviewed without an official transcript. Official transcript must be requested from counselor or registrar with a signature, date, and stamp. Scholarship recipients must present confirmation of enrollment at a four-year college, community college, graduate school, trade/technical school, or ROP to receive their award.  Confirmation of enrollment must be received by SEPTEMBER 30, 2024.  Scholarship recipients will forfeit award if the deadline is not met. PLEASE NOTE:  Financial Awards will be mailed to awardees within 10 days of receipt of verifiable enrollment confirmation. If you'd like to get more information on scholarships, please contact us at

Start your Scholarship Application


1. Do I need to fill out the application and submit a resume?
Yes! An online application is required to receive a scholarship. Prior to submitting your application, check for correct spelling, complete sentences, and ask someone to review it with you.

2. Do I need a transcript to apply for the NCAAWA scholarship?
An official transcript is required and must be uploaded with your application. The transcript MUST be current. Official transcript must be requested from counselor or registrar with a signature, date, and stamp.

3. I am still in high school.  When can I apply for a scholarship?
North County area high school students should apply for the scholarship during their senior year; the year they are graduating. Applications open annually on January 1.

4. Does NCAAWA provide scholarships for continuing education?
Yes. Submit your application each year you meet the qualifications.

5. How much money can be awarded to an applicant?
NCAAWA scholarships depend completely on our availability of funds, so we have no set amount.

6. Is the scholarship money only for school?
A check is issued payable to the student in the amount of the scholarship and may be used for school-related expenses.  To claim the scholarship, students must submit proof of full-time enrollment (12 units).

7. What if I cannot obtain the courses needed to meet the 12 units required?
The scholarship amount is based upon a full-time load (12 units). If lesser units are taken, the award will be divided according to the equivalent number of units, i.e., 9 units, you will receive 3/4 of the award; 6 units, you will receive 1/2 the award for the semester.

8. May I apply for the scholarship more than one time?
Only eligible students may apply more than once. Please review the eligibility requirements of each scholarship to see if you qualify.