Founder & Chief Catalyst of My Amazing LYFE, a woman's empowerment lifestyle brand

As a motivational speaker, catalyst for gender equity, and founder of African American Women on Tour, a high-impact empowerment conference that toured for 13 years and attracted thousands of women worldwide, Maria shares her personal wake-up calls to inspire women to be more courageous, and enterprising.

Dedicated to motivating women and their families achieve their long-term financial goals, in her popular seminar “LOVE. SEX. MONEY.: Real Talk for Women Seeking Self-Reliance + Financial Freedom,” Maria helps women understand how imperative it is to put their own oxygen masks on first. 

Realizing far too any women land in vulnerable financial situations, Maria secured her life insurance license and partners with an experienced financial team who helps clients make more informed decisions, to better pilot their long-range needs and desires. 

“Women sometimes become so absorbed in managing relationships, families, and work that we forget the importance and time-sensitivities of long-term financial planning,” shares Maria. “The key to change is access to information, resources and trusted professionals who can help make what tends to be a daunting process for many easier to digest.”


Morning General Session Speaker


The Founder and Chief Catalyst of My Amazing LYFE, a woman's empowerment lifestyle brand

Keynote Speaker


Best Selling Author,
Motivational Speaker

YOUTH General Session Speaker


Special Assistant to the
Vice President for Student Affairs
at San Diego State University.


$79 for Adults - $49 for Youth (Under 18)
March 28, 2020 8am-3pm