Best Selling Author, International Motivational Speaker

"You have loved and lost people and things.  You have learned to reconcile with your past so you could move forward in life.  Your scars did not become tattoos of shame, self-pity, or victimization.  What could destroy some people...did not destroy you.  You look in the mirror and thank God you don't look like what you've been through.  You may be still tender in some parts of your heart, but you found peace that surpasses your human understanding.  You made some things happen.  You pressed your way through some obstacles, setbacks, heartache, and haters.  

You surprised yourself and found; strength, God's grace, endurance, and radical trust in God even though you didn't have any proof, no evidence, no guarantees, and often no resources...but you kept getting up.      

You grew your own wings to fly and rise above the pain and negative situations.  You have been a creative problem solver.  You have showed up, given, sacrificed, and made better decisions.  You have fought battles no one knew about.  You've been knocked down, but you didn't stay down.  You didn't complain.  You are becoming more whole because you are not filling that hole in your soul with the wrong things. You are no longer tolerating unnecessary drama and boundary bullies.  

You are no longer caught up in pleasing, proving, perfecting, pretending, or procrastinating.  

You are finding your voice and standing in your truth, power, purpose, and anointing.  You are rebirthing new possibilities.  Celebrate and acknowledge your wins...big and small. Celebrate and congratulate yourself.  Lift up your head.

    Yes, all of us have had our share of mourning, mistreatment, missed opportunities, missteps and mishaps. Let go and grow from them.  Don't second guess yourself or play small.  Learn to trust having joy and happiness again.  

Don't wait for a special occasion to do something special for you.  Every day that you rise, is a special occasion.  Life is fragile, beautiful, magical, unpredictable, mysterious, challenging, amazing, and divine...handle with prayer, care, and appreciation. Celebrate your strength.  Prepare for the greater good.  You made it this far by grace and you are blessed because you don't even look like what you have been through.  Stay in the light, " -  excerpt from 2014 book "Aren't You Glad You Don't Look Like What You Have Been Through?" by author Jewel Diamond Taylor, conference speaker, leadership trainer, Minister of God's love, The Self-esteem Dr., life coach, and Founder of Women on the Grow, Inc.


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The Founder and Chief Catalyst of My Amazing LYFE, a woman's empowerment lifestyle brand

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Best Selling Author,
Motivational Speaker

YOUTH General Session Speaker


Special Assistant to the
Vice President for Student Affairs
at San Diego State University.


$79 for Adults - $49 for Youth (Under 18)
March 28, 2020 8am-3pm