TEENS: You Have Potential To Be a Good Leader

Everyone has the potential to make an impact and especially our YOUTH! With this workshop, we will play a game to help teens recognize their ability to lead, improve their self-esteem as well as to learn how to serve and add value to others daily by simply being who they are! Your strength is in the knowing and embracing the gift of who YOU ARE, not who others would like you to be! TEENS are present leaders that are leading NOW...

Raye Clendening

Veronica Simon

Veronica Simon, Soulpreneur, with a Lighthouse theory approach to helping others to help themselves is a JMT certified life coach, leadership development trainer and DISC Consultant with a Masters in Project Management and Organizational Leadership. Over 23 years of IT experience and a passion for people. 2x International Best Selling Author and Founder of Mothers Of Virtue, a 501c3 certified nonprofit organization of 20yrs that focuses on inspiring mothers with a special interest in teen moms and their children. She is currently rebranding herself to make life more simplistic and fulfilling while inspiring others to be excited about S.E.L.F. 


$79 for Adults - $49 for Youth (Under 18)
March 28, 2020 8am-3pm


The North County African American Women’s Association (NCAAWA) is an all inclusive non-profit, 501(c)(3) volunteer organization located in North San Diego County.