I Made it Out!

Melani Hubbard shows women that just because you’re down doesn’t mean you must stay down. Moving herself and daughter away from her family would be the pinnacle of her life. During this time, she met a man that would become her husband, hoping to live happily ever after. But her happiness was short-lived. She could not now tumultuous this relationship would end; almost causing her her life. However, that relationship that caused her so much pain in life also gave her the strength she has today. Garnering strength from God kept her intact through the roller coaster of life.

This workshop will teach you the tools you need to get through life, despite tough challenges. You will leave being the awesome person God created you to be.

Raye Clendening

Melani Hubbard

In her book, "Battered, Bruised and Broken," Melani tells a story of the tragedy a woman may face when she remains in an abusive situation. She recounts the stories of her abuser and how simple discussions turned into domestic violence, causing her to end up in the hospital and almost losing her life. But God left her here to tell the story, in hopes that she can save others from going through what she went through.


$79 for Adults - $49 for Youth (Under 18)
March 28, 2020 8am-3pm


The North County African American Women’s Association (NCAAWA) is an all inclusive non-profit, 501(c)(3) volunteer organization located in North San Diego County.