Beat the High Cost of College

The HEFAR Group is a non-profit company dedicated to helping families plan for college and making education more affordable for everyone. Our college planning specialists offer these services at no cost to your family. Come to financial aid night and learn how you can:

• Navigate the maze of financial aid paperwork
• Lower your EFC to qualify for more financial aid
• Analyze and select the right schools that offer the most money
• Position yourself to qualify for more grants, more scholarships and more financial aid at any school
• Give your child the education they deserve -without breaking the bank

Raye Clendening

Tim Garretson

Tim graduated from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business with a Bachelor's in Marketing in 2005. He started his financial services career with STF Wealth Management that same year, and he has been instrumental in building the firm. He works alongside the owner to develop the investment management and college planning services the company is proud to offer today.
In addition to his work as a financial advisor, Tim has extensive experience and knowledge in the college planning arena through his work with The HEFAR Group. He is regularly asked to present at area high schools to help parents gain understanding of how to qualify for the maximum amount of grants and scholarships. He is proud that STF offers this service; he feels that it adds incredible value to the comprehensive services that the company offers.


$79 for Adults - $49 for Youth (Under 18)
March 28, 2020 8am-3pm


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